Trick or Treat Main Street is coming up on October 31st! This is a safe and fun event for the whole family. We typically have close to 50 businesses participate each year. Here are few helpful tips to make sure that you have a great time. 

  1. Expect heavy crowds. 
    This event brings out a lot of community members which is great! Please come to the event knowing that it is going to be busy. Be patient as you are driving and walking through Downtown Tigard. 
  2. Parking (We recommend walking!) 
    If you are able to walk or take public transportation, we highly recommend doing that.
    There is parking available on Main Street, Tigard Street, Burnham Street and Commercial Street. There is also parking available in the Burnham Street parking lot and the Tigard Street parking lot. 

  3. Bags for Trick or Treating
    For the first 1,000 people, we will have a bag for you! Pick it up from one of the city councilors or sponsor booths. 

  4. Go with the flow (Clockwise) 
    With the size of the group that comes out, we recommend going with the flow. There is a natural direction the crowd goes which is clockwise through Downtown Tigard. Going the same direction with everyone else will not only help your experience but also help the businesses. 

  5. Stay on the sidewalks. 
    Please stay on the sidewalks. This is for your safety and the safety of the drivers. There can be a lot of car traffic from people that are going to the event. For you safety, please follow the directions of the police officers and stay on the sidewalks. 

  6. Pet Costume Contest 
    Furry friends are welcome! Stop by Ultimate Dog to get a photo in front of the selfie station with your furry friend. Photos will be posted on Facebook for voting for a week. The winner will be the photo with the most likes.  They will win a great gift basket from Ultimate Dog. 

  7. Grab some dinner while you are down here. 
    Once you have finished your Trick or Treating, grab some dinner at one of the great restaurants in Downtown Tigard! 

See you in Downtown Tigard for Trick or Treat Main Street on Oct. 31 from 4 to 6 PM! 

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