Participating Artists

The following artists are participating in Art Walk 2016.  Enjoy their art in the pop up gallery and in the juried selections within numerous downtown businesses.  Those with an X under booth will also be selling their art on the sidewalk in Downtown Tigard on Saturday May 7th.


Ashley Montague
Barbara Bogden
Ben Dye
Chantel Greene
Chris Babin
Colleen M. Sexton (AKA CMHaggerty) X
Dick & Jane Millager X
Donnita Nelson X
Gretchen Lambert X
Javier Montoya X
Jesse Swickard
Julie/ Mattie O’Dell X
Kandyse Whitey X
Kory Dollar X
Kris Kelly X
Kristina Sellers X
Laurie Svec X
Lupe Vasquez-Lewis X
Mike Suri