Welcome to Downtown Tigard Street Fair & Latino Festival 2019, Saturday September 7th

Please read this information carefully as will help you with a smooth check in, booth set up and tear down.  Since everyone has prepaid their booth fee, we can do a rolling check in with you in your vehicle.  At that check in you will hand in your signed vendor waiver & liability form, and receive your vendor parking pass and directions to your booth.   There will be 3 check in zones, A, B and C.  A will approach from South Main, B will approach from Burnham Street and C will be on Tigard Street. 

Directions to Check in Zones – We have created detailed instructions and directions for accessing your check in zone both for set up and tear down including Google map links.  It is important you access your booth through your assigned zone.  You will be turned around if you come through the wrong check in zone!

The Getting To and From Your Zone for Load In and Load Out attachment has complete details and google map links. In addition to check in zones, we are assigning booth numbers, load and load out times, and vendor parking areas. 

In this email are links to the following documents all in PDF format.  Please familiarize yourself with them all as they should answer all your questions.

As you will see by the map, hitting your load in time is critical as if you are late, you may not be able to get your vehicle through to drop off your booth material

During load in you will need to drive in, check in, drop off your liability form, receive your parking pass and then head to your booth number.  There will be TDA personnel to help you locate your booth location.  Your vehicle may only transit the safety zone, not where tents will be located.  You will need to drive up close to your booth location, unload your stuff for your booth and proceed to your assigned parking area.  From there you can walk back to your booth and do set up.  Vendor parking areas are within ½ – 2 blocks from Street Fair zone.

You may not leave your vehicle in the street fair zone while you set up your booth, this area is a drop zone only.

Upon completion of the Street Fair, you will load out in the inverse order you came in so it can be done safely and with the minimum amount of safety lane blockage.  Details in the Load In Load Out Requirements document as well as the How to Get To and From you Zone.

Couple of safety factors to include:  Please bring something to weight your tent corners down in case we have wind.  This could be bricks and rope, gallon milk jugs of sand or water and rope or something else. 

We hope you have a great and successful day at the 2019 Explore Downtown Tigard Street Fair.  Thank you for participating.  

See you on the 7th!

Tigard Downtown Alliance