(Not your average) Call to Artists!                                                                  

We know the last year has been extremely challenging.  We are so very excited to be able to offer this LIVE and IN PERSON event and celebrate our reemergence into connections, community, and togetherness.  We are aware that this is a very quick timeframe for a large-scale event.  We thank you for your interest, your enthusiasm and your patience.

Artists, Illustrators, Photographers, Musicians, Painters, Metalsmiths, Dancers, Jewelers, Potters, Authors, Sculptors and other artists and artistic performers!  Come join us for the 2021 Tigard Downtown Art Walk!

You are invited to participate in the Tigard Downtown Alliance annual ArtWalk Festival happening July 12-18, 2021 in beautiful downtown Tigard. The ArtWalk Festival is a multi-faceted community art festival that includes art displays, artist demonstrations, performances by local musicians and performers, refreshments, and children’s hands-on activities and showcases artists of all mediums, all experiences and renown.  With multiple activities for attendees to interact with art and the people who make it, this weeklong event is growing and reaching expanded audiences. This is an exciting opportunity for you to share your passion for art and your creative endeavors. 

NEW for 2021 – Performance Arts – on stage!  The 1st Annual Brush Off! Artists’ Reception!  And more!

We have several ways for you to participate: as a Featured Artist, as a seller in the Pop-Up Art Market, a Streetside Entertainer, and as a Performer on our Main Stage. And painters – join the 1st Annual Brush Off!  (Be a part of a contest involving artists painting the same subject matter for a specified time slot.)

Featured Artists

  • Are paired with a local business which will display up to three pieces of art for the week of Tigard Downtown ArtWalk event.
  • May sell displayed art (no commission charged) but please leave sold art in place until the close of the event on 6/18.
  • Will include art pieces in the juried contest – winners receive a prize.
  • Will be hosted on Friday evening, July 16, from 3pm-7pm by their partnered business for the Meet the Artist Light refreshments will be provided at each location.
  • Will participate in the Artist in Action activity Saturday, July 17 from 10am-3pm. Create your art near your partner business and engage with the public as they stroll through Downtown. You are welcome to sell additional art pieces during this time (no commission charged).
  • May also participate in the Pop-Up Art Market Sunday, July 18, 9am-1:30pm (commission of 15% will be charged to any art sold at the Pop-Up Art Market).

Pop-Up Art Market Artists

  • Contribute art pieces to the Pop-up Art Market open on Sunday, July 18, 9am-1:30pm.


Artists’ Reception                      Friday July 9                                          3 – 7pm
VIP Reception                            Saturday July 10                                    3 – 7pm
Brush Off!                                 Sunday July 11                                      11am – 2pm
Art Displays                              Monday-Sunday July 12-18                    all
$25 Sale                                   Monday-Sunday July 12-18                    11am-6pm
Meet the Artist                          Friday, July 16                                       3 – 7 pm
Artist in Action                         Saturday July 17                                    10am – 3pm
Pop-up Art Market                     Sunday, July 18                                     9am – 1:30pm


Tigard Downtown – Primarily Main, Burnham & Commercial Streets, and streetside businesses and public spaces and Farmers Market

Participating Artists – the Nitty Gritty

Pop Up Art Market Artists

  • All participating artists must apply and be accepted. Space is limited and walk-ins will not be accommodated.
  • 15% commission will be charged to all art sold.
  • Artists will arrive with saleable art July 18 between 7-8am and install in your assigned display space.
  • We will provide a tented, marked assigned location and a 6’ table. You will need to provide all other materials and supplies. Additional details in confirmation after application process.   
  • Artists will collect unsold art at 2pm July 18 from the Pop-Up Art Market.
  • Participation fee $15 (non-refundable) is payable with application.

Featured Artists

  • All participating artists must apply and be accepted. Space is limited and walk ins will not be accommodated.
  • Featured artists will be eligible for the People’s Choice Award as voted by event attendees
    • Voting will take place July 12-17 as event attendees visit art displays in the partner businesses
  • Participation fee $30 (non-refundable) is payable with application.
  • 15% commission will be charged to all art sold at the Pop-Up Art Market.
  • Art sold at the partner business location, Meet the Artist, and Artist in Action are not charged commission (it’s all yours!).
  • In advance of the event, Artist will coordinate with their partner business for onsite art display (install before Monday July 12 and removal after July 18.)

Juried art
Location: Spruce Box

  • Entries to the juried contest will be submitted by 5pm Tuesday July 6.
  • One entry per artist
  • Entries will be displayed for the jury and will remain on display until July 11
  • Artists may remove their art from the jury gallery on July 11 to place in their partner business for the ArtWalk week
  • Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd


Artists’ Reception – New!  Friday July 9, 3-7pm
Location: Spruce Box

  • Featured Artists! This is your time to mingle and get to know each other.   This is a closed event, open only to Artists, Event Staff, and the Jury (after the scoring is complete).
  • Juried art will be displayed and you can connect with your peers before we head into the official ArtWalk week.
  • Light refreshments will be provided.
  • Its free for you!

VIP reception – New!  Saturday July 10, 3-7pm
Location: Spruce Box

  • This one is a ticketed event (no charge to artists) – think a members-only-meet-the-artists-style event.
  • Artists, ticket buyers, key sponsors, event staff and the TDA board will have an opportunity to connect and celebrate the launch of the 2021 Tigard Downtown ArtWalk.
  • This provides an ‘exclusive preview’ opportunity for some of our valued supporters.
  • Light refreshments will be provided.

1st Annual Brush Off!  Sunday July 11, 11a-2p
Location: Spruce Box

  • Ticketed event
  • Up to 10 Painters will complete a painting on the same subject matter in 3 hours, 11a-2p
  • Limited to 10 Painters
  • Applicants will be reviewed and participants will be selected and announced at the end of the Brush Off!
  • Painters will bring own supplies; Painting will be done on-site.
  • Event guests will vote for winners in different categories including the Brush Off Best.
  • Paintings will be donated and for sale after the event for additional fundraising.
  • Participating artists may display promotional materials to generate business. (Limited space available)
  • Light brunch will be included.

Meet the Artist – Friday July 16, 3-7pm
Location: Your partnered Downtown Business

  • Artists will be stationed in their partner business, meet the public and discuss their art.
  • Artists will arrive prior to 3pm and remain on site until 7pm.
  • Light refreshments will be provided at each location.

Artist in Action – Saturday July 17, 10am-3pm
Location: Outside your partnered Downtown Business

  • Each Artist will be located outdoors near their partner business.
  • Your 10’ x 10’ spot will be preassigned and marked by chalk on the ground.
  • Artists will provide your own tent, materials and supplies as well as any additional display materials for their area.
    • NOTE: We do not provide display supplies, materials or equipment. We provide the ground space.
  • Limited utilities are available IF requested in the application and IF you receive confirmation from ArtWalk.
  • Artists should bring your owns items to process payments.
  • Several ATMs are located on Main Street.
  • Participation fee $30 (non-refundable) is payable with application.

All Artists

  • Watch the forecast – we are a rain or shine event.
  • There will be a photographer on site taking photos for event promotion.
  • Please watch for updates on Facebook and at the website.
  • You will receive additional details with your confirmation.

All Artists…one more thing

We are excited to bring back the popular $25 Sale in 2021!  Need a refresher?  Read on…

Yes, this is a request for your work.  However, this is a little different.  We are holding a $25 Art Sale – It’s not a raffle, auction or prize, but your work, and all donated work, will be sold for $25.   And it will be displayed anonymously, remaining in place until the end of the sale when the purchasers collect their new art and learn whose art they will proudly add to their collection!

Here are the promotional details:

The Downtown Tigard Art Walk Presents the $25 Sale
July 12-18, 11am-6pm
Location: ArtWalk Temporary Gallery
(Spruce Box)

The $25 Sale is a fantastic opportunity for the public to discover art

The $25 sale features works by budding artists, local talent and artists of notable fame.  All works are priced at $25 on a first come first served basis and are displayed anonymously. Purchased art remains in the gallery, still anonymous, until the end of the sale.   When buyers pick up their new treasures, they discover the artist!

This creates an opportunity for the public to buy the art that speaks to them – for a great price.

Why should you participate?

  • You will be expanding your audience.
  • Your work will be displayed with pieces from other artists, a variety of mediums and styles.
  • The buyer of your work will be buying what they love!
  • You will be supporting emerging artists. By displaying your art among that of others, including some from art students, you are helping them realize their artistic dreams.
  • You and your work will be participating in a little mystery, a little adventure, a little suspense!

We sincerely thank you for considering our request!

Tigard Downtown ArtWalk is hosted by the Tigard Downtown Alliance.  All proceeds from the Tigard Downtown ArtWalk are directly reinvested in the event.

Please note:  While we are optimistic and planning a successful and vibrant in-person ArtWalk week with a full slate of events, we will follow all state and local guidelines regarding safety protocols. 

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