Art Walk 2017

Downtown Tigard Art Walk

PDF of Downtown Tigard Art Walk Map

Friday, May 12, 2017 Downtown Tigard Businesses
5:00–7:00PM Meet the Artists
5:00-7:00PM Pop Up Gallery

Saturday May 13, 2017 Main St., Downtown Tigard
12:00-5:00PM Artists in Action
10:00-6:00PM Pop Up Gallery

Pop Up Gallery, 12175 SW Main St, Downtown Tigard

During the 2017 Downtown Tigard Art Walk, artists will be paired with businesses for an exploration of commerce and culture. Several businesses have been invited to host a Friday evening Meet the Artists event from 5:00-7:00PM with snacks and refreshments. Downtown visitors are invited to stop by for snacks, light refreshments, and a chat with an artist. Each featured artist will have some of their work on display during the Meet the Artists open house. The Pop Up Gallery is located at 12175 SW Main St in downtown Tigard. Visitors can view and purchase paintings and many other forms of art from local artists at the Pop Up Gallery

On Saturday, May 13th featured artists will setup plein-air and create a live art piece near their host business from 12:00-5:00PM. A Pop Up Gallery will also be open from 10:00-6:00PM.

Established in 2014, the Tigard Art Walk is sponsored by the Downtown Tigard Alliance, a local nonprofit dedicated to building a vibrant and thriving Downtown. Proceeds from the Downtown Tigard Art Walk are used to support the event by covering the juried contest prize money, publicity, and additional event costs.

Event Sponsors & Featured Artists

Max’s at Fanno Creek Pub, 12562 SW Main St
Featured Artist: Monica Vallejos

Kepler’s Upholstery & Custom Furniture, 12511 SW Main St
Featured Artist: Javier Montoya

Future State Consulting, 12525 SW Main St
Featured Artist: Preston Boyd

Musi’s on Main, 12400 SW Main St
Featured Artist: Javaughn Fernanders

Featured Artist: Jennifer Delaurenti

Sherrie’s Jewelry Box, 12425 SW Main St
Featured Artist: Jane Millager

State Farm – Mark Creevey, 12285 SW Main St
Featured Artist: Darla Boljat

Paddle Palace Club, 12230 SW Main St

Featured Artist: Rich Arriagada

Tigard Taphouse, 9230 SW Burnham St
Featured Artist: Chris Babin

Oregon Rifleworks, 12260 SW Main St
Featured Artist: Ike Leahy

Main Street Stamp & Stationary, 12245 SW Main St
Featured Artist: Mary Morris

Additional Businesses Hosting Art Downtown Include:

ProDesign Solutions, 12568 SW Main St
Tigard Cleaners, 12519 SW Main St
Pacific Paint & Supply, 12550 SW Main St
Frame Central, 12550 SW Main St
Westwoods Beauty Spa, 12448 SW Main St
Symposium Coffee, 12345 SW Main St

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